R A V E L 

Penn 80 is a pure and traditional travel center, designed specifically for anyone on the road needing a break, items, fuel, food, and a general pause in their journey. The United States provides some of the most lush, historical, and beautiful high ways in the world and as a pivotal hub in the Northeast, Penn 80 feels responsible in keep drivers of trucks, cars, RV's and motorcycles safe and happy as they venture across the country. 

Our current Travel items are harbored in our convenience store adjacent the Subway sandwich and Penn 80 Grill. Inside, drivers can find useful tools and items that are designed to make your life easier. Cold outside? Come in and grab a practical ice scraper. Lost? Our maps and portable GPS systems will get your back on the road and to your destination. Broken equipment? We have hundreds of practical tools designed to fix common automotive issues. At Penn 80 we don't want our customers hopping from place to place looking for specific items, so we designed our business to minimize that by offering a comprehensive list of crucial products that drivers need. We truly are a one-stop shop business. 

As part of the Milton and Pennsylvania community, we feel it is our social responsibility to make sure these items are available to our drivers, hard working truckers, and appreciated community members. What ever you need on your trip, we can assure you, we have it. If we don't, please shoot us a comment and we will get back you about your request.